Roasted Garlic Herb

Roasted Garlic Herb

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The savory flavors of roasted garlic and Johnny’s blend of herbs in a premium marinade.  Perfect for any of your grilling.   Use to marinate chicken, beef, pork & fish. For a quick meal pour over pre-cooked meatballs.  Heat in oven or crockpot.


Canola oil, water, sugar, vinegar, worcestershire sauce( distilled white vinegar, molasses, water, sugar, onions, anchovies, salt, garlic, cloves, tamarind extract, natural flavorings, chili pepper extract), salt, eggs, roasted garlic, lemon juice, potassium sorbate, spice, natural flavors, sodium benzoate, xanthan gum, propylene glycol alginate, , calcium disodium edta.

Contains: Egg, Fish